2012 Thawzall H250SL Heatzone Ground Heater W/ Generator


Category: All, Heavy Equipment, Trailers
Manufacture: Thawzall
Model: H250SL
Year: 2012
Engine Type: Diesel Fired
Color: White
Hours: 12,296

2012 Thawzall H250SL Heatzone Ground Heater W/ Generator

2012 Thawzall H250SL

Diesel Engine Powered/Genset

Hour meter Reads: 12,296 Hours

280k BTU Heater

THAW frozen ground sq 3,000’-6,000’ Max

CURE concrete sq 6,000’ sq with accessories 18,000’ sq Max

FROST prevention sq 9,000’ sq with accessories 27,000’ sq Max

HEAT buildings

Operating Range °F 70-200

Operating Pressure psi 1-5

Fuel Consumption (max) gph 1.75

Run Time days 3+

Pump Capacity gpm/gph 30/1800


L x W x H  170” x 84” x 97”

Weight w/fuel & fluid 5,600lbs

Fuel Capacity: 160 Gallons

HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) 122 Gallons


One – 1/2 hp Pump Closed Loop Centrifugal

Max Hose Length Capacity: (5 zones x 600’) 3,000’

Electrical, GFI 1) 20 amp x 120 vac

HTF Pumpability °F -80 °

Fuel Winter blend diesel or #1 fuel oil

Pintle Hitch

Unit has been serviced and greased!